TFOX Project

Music Blockchain and the Future

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For too many years, the act of coordinating live music events has followed the same old rutted pathways. Consequently, the industry is stymied by a lack of an easily accessible database of venues or artists, and a small number of booking agents have monopolized the industry.

TFOX is a brand-new live music booking platform that incorporates BNB blockchain technology to provide instantly deployable smart contracts and the network’s tokenized payment system.  TFOX seeks to provide an all-in-one tokenized mobile application which tailors aseamless experience for artists, venues, and music fans alike.


Music fans worldwide want to feel more connected to their favorite artists and venues. TFOX will enable this connection allowing fans to benefit together in the success of their favorite artists through a combination of NFTs and cleverly designed staking programs

TFOX app is designed to solve inherent problems with the entire process of live music bookings, ticket sales, music management, and a dozen more music-related functions through the implementation of smart contracts. By introducing a tokenized payment system, TFOX ensures that the transaction of value within the app is fast and seamless. In addition, structuring the token distribution to focus on rewarding early adopters of the platform aligns directly with the ethos of the TFOX model.